Kronos Polymer

Our LDPE LDPE 100% PCR regranulate produced from a constant stream of repeatable input materials (agricultural LDPE films, LLDPE films from haylage) can be used as an independent raw material for the production of blown films (plastic packaging, bags, construction films) with a thickness of even 15 µm.

The recycling process used, the innovative technology of preparing the raw material for processing, the washing and drying process, the use of a cascade extruder ensuring proper degassing and plasticization of the material, and triple filtration guarantee our high, stable and repeatable quality.

The regranulate production technology used in Kronos Polymer has been covered by a patent. The introduced innovations allow us to produce regranulate with exceptionally good parameters from waste foil, the processing of which has so far been considered highly problematic. This is our original contribution to the circular economy.

We have implemented  ISO 9001 and 14001 certificatesWe have our own R&D laboratory, which is used not only for ongoing monitoring and control of the finished product, but also for testing materials and individual stages of processing in the recycling process.

We are currently preparing to implement the EuCertPlast certificate. EuCertPlast.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

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